xSuperhuman Ventures | We buld big, bold, unapologetic brands.

We believe in extreme ownership.

be better than yesterday.

Our mission is to create a world of well-rounded, extraordinary high-achievers, equally obsessed with their careers, relationships, wellness, social life, legacy, and everything in between.

Unapologetic Personal Branding

Become Unbreakable

We are in the business of building people to become big, bold, unapologetic brands through biohacking & peak performance coaching.

✓ live life on your own terms
✓ stop caring what others think
✓ put health x wealth on autopilot
✓ build unshakeable grit & confidence
✓ create a life you don’t need a vacation from

What We Do:

We create systems to help you become a healthy x wealthy xSuperhuman.

Change Begins With Your Body

Slay At Your Highest Levels.

We're a collective of biohackers who believe in taking extreme ownership of our health x wealth. Take control of your biology to feel and perform your best. No fluff, just results.
Our 3 pillars

Biohacking xSuperhumans

001: Mindset

Prioritize Brain Health.

We’ll all going to lose our looks but we’ll always have our brains. Take back control of your life by learning about neuroplasticity. Once you have control of your brain, you have control of your life.

002: Health

Optimize For Longevity

We’ve got anti-aging wrong. Aging is inevitable but it’s a disease that can be slowed down. Focusing on longevity will cover all aspects of your health, leading to confidence and wealth.

003: Wealth

Build Grit.

In the midst of a severe comfort crisis, building unbreakable grit and resilience makes life’s difficulties and challenges feel effortless. Learn to pre-condition your mind to thrive under tough conditions to make more time and money.

An Uncomfortable Truth

Obsession Is Required For Progress.

If you want it, you have to put in the the work. And it's a choice. How bad do you want it? There are no shortcuts when it comes to greatness. Stop ignoring your calling because you fear judgement and afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

Let's reprogram your mind.

6 Reasons For A Biology Upgrade

*awareness is the first step to transformation*

1. Biology Is Scabale

Personality is not. ✓ We help you take back control of life by prioritizing what's important. How bad do you want it?

2. Own Your Legacy

No one is coming to save you. But waiting for someone to save you is dangerous. ✓ We help you get started.

3. Be obsessed or be average.

Average is where all things go to die because you never get out of your comfort zone. ✓ We help you kill your toxic traits.

4. Stay Curious.

If you're the smartest person in the room, find a new room. ✓ Join our community peak performers wanting to be better than yesterday.

5. Live Fearlessly.

People never reach their full potential because they fear what others think. ✓ We teach you how to live fearlessly + unapologetically.

6. Attract Opportunities

We're unconsciously attracted to people who take care of themselves. Confidence is magnetic. ✓ We help you transform.

Work SMRT. Play SMRT.

Don't believe anyone who tells you that you can't have it all.

Stop playing small. We teach you how to live fearlessly and unapologetically because we have one life to live.

Stay Curious • Plant Seeds  🌱

Hi, I'm Kate.

Why work with me? Because I walk the talk. 🤞🏼

Kate is an INTJ, futurist, contrarian thinker, and loves to be intellectually stimulated. With an extremely no-BS approach to life, she doesn’t believe in conforming to mediocrity. Walk the talk.

As a serial tech entrepreneur, creative strategist, writer, and columnist, she’s also an athlete who prioritizes work/life balance. She taught herself how to code + design at nine and runs a full-service digital consulting agency.

Kate is a certified flow and wellness coach and a holistic nutritionist.

She is passionate about longevity, human optimization, brain health, functional wellness, and human behavior.

On her spare time, she writes, reads, has lots of good times with friends, and explores the world on her road bike.

Being a biohacker, she successfully healed her body naturally when it completely shut down from chronic stress, a head-on car accident, leaving a toxic emotionally abusive relationship, and burnout from starting 2 businesses during the summer of 2020.